[Info Seminar] Simposium dan Workshop PDS Patklin Cabang Malang

Symposium & Workshop

The A to Z of Clinical Laboratory: from General to Expert

Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Patologi Klinik Cabang Malang


Waktu: 26-28 Juli 2019

Tempat: Atria Hotel & Conference, Jl. Letjen S Parman no.87-89 Malang

Registrasi: www.patologiklinikmalang.com


  • dr. Jennifer 089697211083
  • dr. Robiatul 08121849584
  • dr. Yeti 081316621812


Materi Simposium:

  • clinical laboratory and blood bank management
  • infectious disease and autoimmune laboratory
  • practical application of Hepatitis B laboratory examination
  • hemostasis laboratory
  • laboratory of nephrology and hepatology
  • laboratory of critical care medicine
  • laboratory in hemostasis examination


Materi Workshop:

  • Clinical helminthology overview
  • Troubleshooting in daily practice hematologu laboratory


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